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F-Droid is a free software app store for android. i use it every day.

if you didn’t follow the facist fediverse scandal, the first paragraphs of F-Droid’s statement explains it pretty well.

in that statement, F-Droid says they “won’t tolerate oppression or harassment against marginalized groups”, and therefore “won’t package nor distribute apps that promote any of these things.” more specifically: “it won’t distribute an app that promotes the usage of [Gab].” but yet, they did. after this statement, after being told not to do so. there’s two cases where this is explicit:

FacistTusky (“FreeTusky”)

“FreeTusky” is a Tusky fork where they’ve simply changed one thing: removed the blocklist. this blocklist only contains Gab domains, which of course, is a facist hell (just see their wikipedia page.)

therefore, we can be pretty sure this is simply made to allow facists use Tusky. i’m pretty sure we can all agree with that. however, F-Droid does not agree. see, the ticket where they added this app and the ticket where they are told that of course, FreeTusky is for facists (they’ve locked this last one.)

this just goes to show that, yes: F-Droid supports facists.

Facism As A Service (“Librem One”)

Librem One” is a service by Purism that provides, along other things, a Mastodon instance as a service (they basically renamed a bunch of libre+gratis projects, hosted them and sold them as services.) they specifically removed anti-harrasment and anti-hate-speech tools like reporting, because their answer to that is “Look after yourself”, a big “fuck-you” to the fediverse’s philosophy.

F-Droid is perfectly OK with packaging and distributing their apps.

as a plus, their “marketing director” is angry at the riseup collective because it apparently is “antifa email”, and antifa is “a domestic terrorist organisation” (see: this thread.)

Facistlab (“Fedilab”)

“Fedilab” originally did apply a blocklist that blocked Gab, but ended up removing it. this puts them in the “supports facists” list, pretty much. this already mentioned ticket explains it pretty well.

so, F-Droid? is it just words or are you actually gonna do something about facism?

i have made a toot about it. consider retooting it to show support.

GitLab CoC violation

someone pointed out that what F-Droid is doing is violating GitLab’s CoC and suggests emailing until they do something. consider doing it if you agree.


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